In the Beginning . . .

God gave Augustina Frazier a vision regarding “crusade services” in 1999 involving the four corners of the earth. The Lord revealed that a crusade service would fulfill a “must need” that the people Augustina would minister to need. Thus, Augustina’s definition of a crusade event is described as a “must need.”

Jesus saw a “must need” when He was lead by the Holy Ghost to go see about a woman in Samaria. He could have sent anyone else, but instead, he went because of the “must need” he discerned.

In this current society, God hears the cries of many coming from the four corners of the earth just as he did over 2000 years ago. The Samaritan woman was and is a guaranteed “promise” that God will supply our every “need” according to His riches and glory.

Since this revelation and reviving interpretation, God has birthed the same “historical mantle” upon Augustina to go forth into the “highways and hedges” and compel them to come.

God has richly brought history alive and the well of the Holy Ghost power is flowing through Augustina. It is not by Augustina but by the “Spirit” saith the Lord. The anointing was placed upon Augustina and in her while in her mother’s womb and now, God has “called” Augustina for such a time as this to host a “crusade movement.”

The mantle on Augustina’s life has been approved by God’s word and confirmed through prophecies, visions, and dreams. Secondly, Augustina learned that an “apple” does not fall to far from its tree, by getting to know her estranged father, who Augustina has always loved dearly. He had been absent in her life for 17 years.

Augustina learned that he was strongly gifted with discernment and prophecy as well. However, before her father passed in 2005, he shared some powerful prophecies and experiences that God allowed her father to impart in her. Now they have become “treasures” in her spirit. As a result, she is willing to “sow into and serve” all those she can based on the abilities and duties that God has given her to do.

God spoke into Augustina’s spirit that this would be a historical move and a movement to remember. This historical movement is flowing from the lasting experience and supernatural encounter that Jesus had with the Samaritan woman. Augustina life was changed because of the sensitivity of the Spirit and the supernatural prophetic move that Jesus was “called” to do.

Since the birthing of Augustina Frazier Ministries International, Inc. (AFMI), in 2003, God has called Augustina to fulfill a “must need” in today’s society to carry on the crusade anointing. Now because of the anointing people are receiving “life changing experiences.” It is the anointing that destroys the yoke. “To God be the glory for the things He has done and is going to do.”