Breakthrough Crusades

It is a Breakthrough Crusade is an event that is hosted once a year the second week of May. It is designed for individuals and families to come for ministry for the total person. IBC is a full collaboration of ministries that partner and sponsors towards a powerful two-day event. 


IBC begun in 2010, when Holy Spirit prompted Augustina’s spirit to facilitate and host crusade services. First crusade hosted in 2010 at Pastor and Lady Ziegler in Detroit, MI. Augustina was led by the Holy Spirit to inquire the pastor and his wife about hosting the first crusade service. Now Augustina did not know of the is pastor or church BUT God lead her there. The pastor replied that I would need to discuss this matter with the board and follow with you in a few days. Well, after a few days, Augustina received a call that she could host the crusade and that the church would also donate and this how the crusades begin.

As soon as God prompted Augustina’s spirit, God supernaturally brought forth prophetic confirmations proceeding the call. Second, confirmation is when Augustina attended a bookstore located in Roseville, MI (first visit). A gentleman approached her while standing at the register. The man was overshadowed with a glory upon his continent and out of his mouth proceeded the anointing active in a still voice with “thus said the Lord.’ He proceeded to prophesied that you will host great crusade services in healing and deliverance. He proceeded to tell me things that only God knew and proceeded to say “raise your hands” while I pray for you. (There were a multitude of people in the bookstore and as well as standing in the line to cash out. I help my hands up and the anointing came down, until I begin to speak in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gave the utterance until the power of God influences those who were in the line.

Next, Augustina and her friend was sitting in Denny’s Restaurant on Telegraph and 12 mile around 12 midnight. My good friend goes to say, that man that’s getting out his car will come in and sit by us and prophecy a word to you. The gentleman entries and proceeded by our table and pause to say, thus said the Lord. You will preach and teach all over the world and many will come from far and near to hear what sayeth the Lord from your mouth. Now lift your hands to praise God and he prayed for Augustina and she went in tongues speaking in heavenly language.

Lastly, Augustina and a friend was enjoying a Sunday dinner at a locate restaurant in Southfield, MI. A woman of God (she didn’t know) approached her and proceeded with a prophecy that you will preach in crusades of multitudes. The anointing will be so heavy that you would not need to lay hands on anyone because the anointing will be so strong and great. You will experience Dunamis power and many will come from far and near to hear the word of God. From this point, confirmations proceeded continue.