Prophetic Timeline

As I look back over my life, I know that God’s anointing, grace, mercy, and strength has always been there. At five, I was molested by a friend of the family and God’s grace was with me because five in the bible means “grace”. At ten, I was molested again for close to two years and ten in the bible means “divine order.” What the enemy meant for evil God used for my good. At ten (10), God was putting things in order. At 13, I was going to be rape by a friend of the family who was drunk. He held me in my bedroom for over an hour while he, throw knives at my bedroom door and I secured myself by placing both of my feet to secure my bedroom door while I set in terror; however, my one of my brothers (9 brothers) intervened on my behalf making it safe for me to escape. Because of this intervention, I was put out the house on the streets at the age of 13 at 12 midnight.

Twelve midnight in the Books of Acts reflect deliverance. Thirteen in the bible mean “full atonement” There were thirteen pillars that the High Priest passed through on the Day of Atonement (Genesis 14:4). At fourteen, my mother moved to Detroit, Michigan. Fourteen in the bible means “the feast of the Passover and deliverance (Exodus 12:6). My deliverance began when my family moved, but the pain intensified (my family suffered more) because there were things in my spirit that I had to die towards. At eighteen (habits begin at 16), I spent more of my time doing drugs, drinking. Once I drank (18th birthday) so much that I fell into the street after partying (at Fenkell and Schafer) and stayed there until the early part of the morning hour (1 am); this young man reached down and pick me up and took me to a safe place and days later a neighbor by the name of Michael witnessed to me about Jesus Christ. Eighteen in the bibles mean “strength.” After that day, I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ (June 1984) and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on December 14, 1984. At twenty, I finally moved out of my grandmother/mother’s house. Twenty in the bible means “maturity.”

At 22, I became homeless again after trying to bear with the furnace being down for over two months. I went on a fast and prayer for a place to stay and not soon after I was able to rent a large bedroom for one hundred a month. One hundred in the bible means “Fruitfulness” (Genesis 26:12). During this time the Spirit of the Lord, lead me to make a “vow” while kneeling on my knees to preach His word. After making the “vow”, days later a car hit me, and my car was “total” out on Christmas Eve 1988. One month later, I was in engaged (January 1989) after dating for three years and then married July 1989. Three in the bible means “revival, deliverance, Godhead, perfect testimony, divine completeness (1 John 5:7). In November 1998, the Lord had spoken to my pastor and confirmed through the Word of God that I was called to the ministry. A year (1999) later, I had a prophetic dream of the four corners of the earth with an open revelation of the ministry that the Lord had in store for me.

Thirteen years later (1989-2002) before my separation from my ex-husband, I was warned by a man while attending a funeral (Greater Christ Temple Church) that I goes to express my condolence, (learned later that he was a prophet – Prophet Richmond – African African) he goes to say that a season of devastation is going to appear in my life so please allow me to pray for you. Two (two means testimony or witness) months following this prophecy (November 2002) I was standing at the register at the Tree of life Bible Book Store (first time there) and a unknown man came to the register and introduce himself as “Prophet Joseph (White man)” and spoke “thus said the Lord.” Before I knew it I begin to “rebuked” him and the Spirit of the Lord brought to my mind “be careful how you entertain a stranger because you may be entertaining an angel.” As he opened his mouth, every word was “season with God’s anointing (many waters)” so that he spoke a powerful word and then went in tongues and concluded with prayer. He spoke “thus said the Lord,” you will do as I do. I asked him what you do, and he goes to say, I minister in crusade services in healing and deliverance. He said with emphasis “you will do the same.” I begin to speak in tongues and tears begins to roll down my face while standing at the register as the other customers looked on; I just asked the Lord for a definite confirmation that morning. The prophet closed with an empowering prayer. Within in matter of a month while attending Seminary, my instructor required the students to present a presentation of a Christian woman from the bible, so I presented Prophetess Deborah and Lila. As I begin my presentation, the instructor (White woman) stopped me and said the Lord told me to tell you that Prophetess Deborah whom you are presenting is what God has called for you to do and the anointing fell in the room. Furtherance of 2002, two additional prophets prophesied/confirmed ministry while eating dinner at Denny’s during two different day/time (April & June).

Two months later, my ex-husband walks out on my two sons and me, leaving us in a complete poverty state, complete destruction of finance, repetition of my character destroyed with friends, family, and church, and secrets of his life revealed all at once which devastated me and the boys BUT GOD. Two in the bible means “testimony and witness.” On the fourth day after he left us, my car broke down, so my brother came and pushed it up to the car repair shop on eight mile and Gratiot. Eight in the bible means “new beginning and new life.” As I set in the repair shop a woman about 90 plus years old set two (two meaning testimony or witness) chairs down from me and begin to talk aloud. The words she spoke were, as she knew my whole life. Once she concluded she begins to beat on the chair and told me to look at her and she goes to say, “The Lord sent me to tell you that you will make it.” She spoke thus said the Lord, that “your husband made you unto the Woman of God that God has called you to be and it is now time to come forward.” In addition, she also spoke a prophetic word that my car and house would be taken from me plus much devastation. Five months (Grace) later my car was removed from me by my ex-husband and mother-in-law. Nine months later, I went through my divorce (at 37 years old), after being married for 14 (14 meaning “Feast of the Passover and Deliverance”) years. Nine in the bible means “fullness;” finality; fruitfulness; nine gifts of the Spirit; nine spices in the Book of the Song of Solomon 4:13-14 (one of Augustina favorite books of the bible). Within three years later my sons and I were remove from our home, after receiving a registered letter that came from HUD in Washington, D.C. stating that there was “no record showing that my home was even owned by anyone named Frazier and that we only had 30 days to move (30 means divine service). I called the mortgage company and a gentleman said, “that your ex-husband buried you BUT I heard God say BUT I rose.” During this period of my life, I had been unemployed for 3 years (families were led to sow into my life) and stayed unemployed until 2006 (It was humbling) BUT GOD.

At 40, my children (2 boys) and I became homeless after the divorce was settled 2 years later and had to live in a colleague’s basement. The Lord lead my colleague to my home the same morning (7 am) to witness what my family was going through. Forty in the bible means “trial and testing” (Numbers 13:25, 14:33). However, a blessing was in store because the owner of the home (colleague), whose basement that my kids and I stayed in, received the plan of salvation. I lived with this woman for two and half months. Two and a half months in the bible means “double portion.” After, a season of living in a basement the Lord made a way of a place of residence for me and my boys in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Currently, I am now 43 and progressing in ministry and business with an understanding that the Lord started the birthing of ministry at age 13. Forty-three minus thirteen is thirty and thirty in the bible means “divine service.” Divine is a supernatural move by God. History is in the making after 30 years of hardship and growth a divine historical move has come forward in my life called “The Crusade Movement.” Because of the movement God has birth “It is a Breakthrough” Crusade,” since 2010“It is a Breakthrough” Crusade (John 4:4, 34) is being hosted in the State of Michigan.

In spite of my life experiences and challenges, I have still endured as a soldier in the army of the Lord. My determination to serve God has blessed me to receive a bachelor’s degree in Self-Directed Management from Davenport University, a Masters in Christian Ministry, a Specialty in Spiritual Formation/Counseling, and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Organizational Psychology, specialization in consultations and as a consultant from Walden University. With God and the knowledge learned will allow me to minister and service the “total man.”

God has gifted me to minister to the total person through the power of the Holy Ghost, my personal experiences and education. My mantra is “my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” In light of this, God has graciously blessed me to learn more about my painful experiences by studying God’s Word and attending college to learn more about the human side of a person to give balance to the body, soul, mind and spirit. This learned wisdom is very dear to me because one of my repeated quotes is “it is not all spiritual.

It may appear my life was nothing but complete suffering that was, but nothing is birth easily. Birthing is a difficult process but when God brings forth the baby (mission, ministry, business, or whatever God has deposited into your future) it is worth it all!

As I begin to write my “timeline,” I begin to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance and heard God say, “that it is time!”

To God be the glory for the things He has done and is getting ready to do!

Yours Truly,
Augustina Marie Frazier